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Our Solutions

Despite Your company already have reliable IT team - it is still possible to help them do their good work even better. The key moments are team-working and good reliable and effective tools.

We offer to install and setup ready solutions, developed by CoMinder, as well as other time proven tools that IT-experts over the world are using for a long time.


CoMinder SpaceStat - helps to prevent disk space related problems and to understand space usage dynamics.

Technically SpaceStat - gathers and analyse space usage information by database components.

Last stable version of SpaceStat is 0.55, but new one is coming soon!

Next build is under testing.

check more details at SpaceStat page


CoMinder Delta-Track - tracks and notify about changes in OS configuration files, users/groups, database/application properties or any content, that can be obtained with scripts or API.
No more any "mistic" changes in configuration!

check more details at Delta-Track page

OTD - old table data offloading service

CoMinder OTD - is our solution to offload old data out of the database.
This can be debug, log or audit records or any other obsolete content in database. Offloading helps to use expensive disk space more efficiently. Old content can be saved in external files (with compression), deleted from database and reloaded back into database if required (whole or just some periods). This will reduce required disk space for the database.

check more details at OTD page


Monitoring is mandatory element of pro-active systems management for both: IT infrastructure and Business. IT-department and business is "blind" without it.

For stable work need accurate and timely information about events.

We have extensive monitoring setup experience. We are ready to help you establish operational control on important events and metrics.

check more details at Monitoring page

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