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CoMinder Delta-Track

CoMinder Delta-Track - solves the problem of "mystical" or undocumented changes that were made quickly and then forgotten.

How does it work?!

Technically, Delta-Track monitors and reports changes in operating system configuration files, database properties and applications or changes of other information that can be accessed by scripts or via API.

Why is this necessary?

  • First of all - it will improve the security of the system, tracking the changes of "unwanted guests".
  • It also monitors changes made by system or database administrators, or by users.
  • Tracked changes can be coordinated with colleagues (if necessary) and documented.
  • Documented changes (time-bound) allow to diagnose problems (if they have appeared after the change)
  • Similar objects' parameters can be compared with each other and with the template of the basic configuration.

The result is the system changes control and assurance!

How to download?!

The service is actively used in the systems that we have for maintenance.
The public version is being prepared for release this year.
If you have an interest to this solution, please contact us and get a solution ahead of everyone!


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