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DBA Consulting and Support

Our expertise is administration of information systems that use Oracle Database and/or Oracle Middleware (Oracle products family using Oracle Application/Weblogic Server) and everything around:
   • starting with just consulting
   • or development team assistance,
   • making upgrades, migrations and other non-regular tasks
   • and up to 24*7*365 production system maintenance and support, also known as outsourcing.


We use Monitoring and can setup it for Your information systems too:
   • online target state control and statistics collection for trends analysis
   • networks, servers, databases, applications availability control
   • tracking internal events
   • controlling resources usage (CPU, RAM, HDD, ...)
   • business events
   • and anything we can define the rule for.
Be notified on important events and informed before end-users!

We have experience with main platforms: Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX.

find more details at Monitoring page

Oracle Licensing

As Oracle Silver Partner we can help with obtaining licenses for Oracle products and just Support services where licensing is does not apply (Oracle Lunux and Oracle VM). Contact our representative for free consulting.

find more details at Oracle products licensing and orders.

RedHat Licensing

As RedHat Ready Partner we can help with obtaining licenses for RedHat products and just Support services where licensing is does not apply. Contact our representative for free consulting.

find more details at Red Hat products licensing and orders.

Service List

Here are frequently used services list, but really we can help You more. If something more specific is required – do not hesitate to contact us.
DBA services should be ordered taking in account individual business needs. Ask for visit to discuss.

  • Technical consulting.
  • Information System Technical Architecture (TA) development or re-design.
  • Database and/or Application Server daily maintenance and support.
  • Software installation and setup, including operating system Linux installation (also in virtual environment: VMWare, Hyper-V, OracleVM, Xen), Oracle Grid Infrastructure (ASM+Clusterware) and others.
  • CentOS and Red Hat Linux migration to Oracle Linux (cost effective solution) and/or upgrade to latest version.
  • Database creation.
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy development.
  • Backup and recovery solution implementation.
  • Database Recovery after crash/corruption.
  • Configure Database for High Availability (Cold Failover, RAC, StandBy with Oracle Data Guard or without it), for Standard Edition (SE,SE1,SE2) as well.
  • Configure AS for High Availability (Cold Failover, AS Cluster).
  • Database Healthcheck.
  • Database and Application Server upgrade or/and migration between different platforms.
  • Development / Maintenance project team support.
  • Software deployment process organisation.
  • Performance diagnostic and tuning.
  • Database or Application Server instance cloning.
  • DB structure reorganisation and/or size reduction.
  • System monitoring.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimisation, including Licensing.
  • Assistance with Oracle, RedHat software purchasing.
  • others upon Customer request.

Detailed services description can be requested by e-mail.

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