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CoMinder OTD

CoMinder OTD - is a solution for offloading obsolete data out from databases (with the ability to reload data back).

Why do one need to offload old data?

Over time a debug data, protocols or audit records and any other obsolete data take up too much space in database files located expensive fast disks. This disk space should be used to store and process the actual data, but instead the old data is just idle and waste disk space!

By offloading obsolete data from the database, we optimize the use of expensive disks. After offloading, the old data are stored in external files (with compression) on cheaper disks (or on another server), and then deleted from the database.

The offloaded data can be import back (if necessary) for all or for just certain periods of time.

How to download?!

The service is actively used in the systems that we have for maintenance. At present moment we have production version for Oracle databases. We have plans to develop this solution for other popular RDBMS as well (IBM DB2, MySQL / MariaDB, Miicrosoft SQL Server and other).
If you have an interest in this solution, please contact us!


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