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Results: Reliable and predictable IT infrastructure operation.

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About CoMinder company

The CoMinder company has been founded in 2011 to provide high quality of information systems development, maintenance and support services to the Customers and Partners, which are interested in real improvements.


Because we enjoy our work and have vision how to solve complex problems. We hope this will make life better, things and relationships more reliable.


Every our team member is professional with many years experience as IT technical expert and Oracle DBA consulting and supporting government institutions, small and big private companies.
Certifications?! Yes, our experts are certified for:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Middleware (WebLogic, Application Server)
  • IBM DB2 Database
  • ZABBIX monitoring
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • and have real work experience in many other technologies as well!


Our main expertise is administration of information systems, that are built on core Oracle technologies - Oracle Database and Oracle Middleware. And Monitoring, as key element of service. As well we are expanding our knowledge in related technologies too, to be able to help our customers with other vendors' products and technologies.
Find more details at Services page.

How we do it?!

Our approach is focused on minimising information system regular maintenance and software costs (finances+time) by avoiding unplanned downtimes and minimising planned for maintenance time. So that Customer can afford to invest into his system evolution.

We take care of information system and keep it up and running in pro-active fashion by default. This mean to make efforts
to eliminate problems in-advance. However our experience shows that best results can be only achieved in co-operation with customer by discussing business goals, needs, resources and then choosing the best affordable solution.

In other words, we intended to speak in Customers language and technical languages of information systems. As well as in English, Latvian and Russian, supporting systems in Europe, Baltic and Russia.

Professionals are working here

"It is not possible to know everything. The one just have to do his business well!"