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Useful Tools

Links to useful resources for Oracle DBA and sysadmins. Oracle official site
My Oracle Support a.k.a. Metalink. Hope you know your CSI number.
Unbreakable Linux Network ULN is a comprehensive resource for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM support subscribers, and offers access to Linux software patches, updates and fixes. Some information available without subscription.
Public Yum Server Official, but free resources for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM from Oracle.
Oracle Documentation All Oracle products documentation
CVE-updates Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures - The Standard for Information Security Vulnerability Names
Oracle Java Archive All old versions of JRE/JDK download.
The Oracle FAQ "Not an official Oracle Support site, but rather a get-together of people with jobs in Oracle." Anyway it contains many useful articles. Very useful collection of scripts, articles, forum, books, etc. Structured, short and without marketing "water" Also contains every verion "Features List" with short explanation. On-line errors messages database by erro code: ORA-,TNS-,PLS-,...
Ask Tom Tom Kyte is answering the questions. Many years archive. Oracle Security from Limited - web site of well known security expert. A network for the Oracle scientist, who believes in better ways of administering and developing Oracle based systems. The network is an informal organisation, but they also publish good books.
Hotsos Hotsos company web-site (by Cary Millsap and other experts) as well as annual Hotsos Symposim information. They have some usefull articles and tools
OraPub Project managed by well known Oracle ACE Director - Craig Shallahamer: "is a one-stop location for specialized training in Oracle database performance tuning, designed to help database managers get the answers and skills they need through engaging training and useful resources."
Resources: study materials, (free) tool for Oracle database performance monitoring and analysis. As well as regular seminars and consulting worldwide.
Pythian Pythian experts blogs. Some articles are also by experts from Latvia (Yury Velikanov, Maris Elsins, Andrejs Prokopjevs, Raivis Saldabols) and we know them personally. Collection of scripts, hints and notes by Jeffrey M. Hunter (for Oracle and other DB and OS)
TOAD - Oracle Wiki Collection of short and informative notes about several aspects of Oracle products administration, including documentation based references.
Red-Database-Security Red-Database-Security company web-site, which is specialised on Oracle Security. Some articles outdated, but there are still many actual, useful and interesting on Security, including some tools.
TechOnTheNet Hand made collection of references (including syntax, error-codes descriptions with solutions) and guides for popular database technologies, Ms-Office, Web-development and more.

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